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Contact Help Within the Libraries

Help With Libraries Safety and Administrative Issues

For public safety emergencies please follow Emergency Potocols or contact security: (212) 854-5555

For emergencies endangering Libraries collections please consult the Disaster Response Manual or call: (212) 851-2852

For questions regarding benefits, payroll, travel and other employment policies and resources, please consult the relevant documentation within Human Resources.

Help Using Libraries Facilities and Spaces

To report problems with Libraries buildings and spaces, please refer to documentation under Facilities.

Help Using Libraries Computer Equipment, Network, and Infrastructure

Computers (public or desktop), CD-ROMs, Printers, etc. Helpdesk Requests [Please review: Procedures] LIT Helpdesk:
LIT forms and contact information
CUIT Wireless Support CUIT:
Wireless access and support handled by Columbia University Information Technology.

Help Using Libraries Websites/CLIO

CLIO CLIO error reporting:
For Libraries OPAC, including technical problems, content errors, and general questions.

Web Form: E-Resources Problem Report Form

or Email:

Report issues accessing electronic resources via LibraryWeb/CLIO.
Authentication Issues Helpdesk Requests 

E-Resources Problem Report Form
For staff requesting new or additional access to StaffWeb resources.

Report issues accessing electronic resources via LibraryWeb/CLIO.

Web Form (End-users): Suggestions & Feedback

Web Form (Staff): Website Problem Report Form

or Email:


Report issues and feedback about the functioning of LibraryWeb; technical problems, browser compatibility, navigation/search issues, design, architecture, and other web technology questions, comments, suggestions.  A link to the Suggestions & Feedback form can be found in the footer of all LibraryWeb pages.
(Problems with E-Resources should be reported using the E-Resources Problem Report Form)
Behind the Scenes Report issues with Behind The Scenes, including technical problems with site functioning, content errors, general questions, comments, suggestions.

Web Form: Suggestions & Feeback

or Email:

Report issues with StaffWeb, including technical problems with site functioning, content errors, general questions, comments, suggestions.
Hours Manager Report issues with the presentation or accuracy of Libraries Hours.
Wikis Report issues with access to Wiki spaces or send questions or comments about Wiki content.
Blogs Report issues with access to Blogs or send questions or comments about Blog content.

Help Developing and Managing Libraries Websites and Web Content

Web Content Updates Questions and requests for updates to the content on public-facing web properties.
Web Content Management (WCM)

Web Form: WCM Help Desk Problem Report

or Email:

Content contributor support for all Libraries websites, Web CMS training requests, technical problems using AEM, webpage design/redesign consultations, general questions/comments about web development technologies
Web Accessibility Support for accessbility issues and content contribution compliance with university accessibility policies.
Hours Manager Support for staff using the Hours Manager application (generates Library Hours)
Wikis Request support for a new or existing Wiki space (see also CUL/IS blogs and wikis)
Blogs Request support for a new or existing blog (see also CUL/IS blogs and wikis)